Threats to your Organization

State of the economy 58%
Competition from Pre-K in public schools 39%
Lack of subsidies for middle class parents with kids 29%
Decreases in public subsidies 29%
Children with challenging behavior 28%
Shortage of qualified teachers 24%
Rising cost of health insurance 22%
Move to require teachers to have a BA 21%
Problems collecting fees 21%
Lack of work ethic of younger hires 20%
Staff turnover 20%
Competition from unlicensed providers 16%
Changes to state regulations / licensing requirements 15%
Low staff morale 12%
Push down of academic curriculum because of NCLB 12%
Pressure from parents to teach more academics 10%
Lack of affordable space for expansion 10%
New NAEYC accreditation standards 9%
Teamwork issues among staff 8%
Providing appropriate training for employees 8%
State quality rating systems 7%
Lack of respect by parents 7%
National unionization movement 5%
Lack of male teaching candidates 4%
Availability of center liability insurance 3%
Child being injured in an accident at your center 2%
Parents who are chronic complainers 2%
Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 1%
Abuse allegations against center staff by parents 1%
Accident involving a center vehicle 1%
Child snatching from your center in a custody dispute 1%
Actual occurrence of an incidence of sexual abuse at your center 0%

Total votes: 353

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