Topics for Future Articles in Exchange

Appropriate circle time...especially on the inappropriate use of calendar. 14%
Brain development 12%
Running a green program 11%
Implementing Reggio Inspired practice 11%
Impact of State Pre-K on Private providers 10%
Managing challenging behavior 9%
Children with special needs 9%
Accreditation 9%
Trends in the field 9%
Nature education 9%
How to handle difficult staff 9%
Conflict resolution among young children 9%
Visioning...big picture thinking 8%
Play 8%
Comprehensive Assessment Systems 8%
Assessment 8%
offering seasoned teachers and directors new directions to grow 8%
Curriculum planning 7%
Outdoor environments 7%
Teambuilding 6%
Family Childcare Challenges 6%
A balance between personal and work stressors 6%
Financial management 6%
Staff motivation 6%
Staff training 5%
ideas on how to train in specific areas (activites to use in training) 5%
Language and literacy 5%
neuroscience and education - practical applications of current research and its effect on early childhood pedagogy 5%
Helping parents understand the philosophical differences between Early Education and Primary (Elementary Education) 5%
Communication 5%
Observation 5%
Coaching vs. Mentoring 5%
Bilingualism 4%
Recruiting staff 4%
Free Resources for Professional Development and Parents 4%
Staff retention 4%
Physical Environment and Childrens Behaviour relationship 4%
Connecting colleges & universities that offer ECE degree programs 4%
early childhood science 4%
Quality Rating & Improvement Systems 4%
Advocacy 4%
early chldhood math 4%
Reggio inspired practice that suports/conflicts with DAP 4%
Fundraising 4%
Biting issues and policies 4%
Parent relations 3%
DAP Nap Practices! 3%
Adapting to change 3%
Festivals and celebrations in ECE 3%
Time Management for a Director that is a Director & Teacher 3%
English Language Learners 3%
schoolage care 3%
culturally appropriateness 3%
Professionalism standards for ECE staff 3%
music: use and impact on child development 3%
Early Learning Standards as a positive influence 3%
Organizational management 3%
Reggio inspired practice strengths and weaknesses 3%
appropriate early childhood programs for indigenous groups 3%
Evaluation 3%
creating a culture of ongoing adult development 3%
help stop mental,verbal and physical child abuse by abusive staff, they think it's discipline. 3%
getting community support for preschools 3%
Staff Management Ice Breakers 3%
realitities of women working with women 3%
Staff supervision 3%
Legal issues 3%
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation 2%
intergenerational programs 2%
establishing responsive relationships with infants within early childhood context (6 weeks to 12 months) 2%
diversity in the wk place 2%
Mentoring 2%
Time Management 2%
All things management 2%
Get involved with Legislators & Community Leaders 2%
Lowering ratio regulations across the nation 2%
Convincing polticians and school administrators of the difference between early childhood and k-12 education 2%
articles in Spanish 2%
Health and safety 2%
Men in ECE 2%
Staff anything 2%
Obtaining public funds 2%
Cross-cultural Childrens Spatial Behaviour 2%
licensing, investigations, renewals, complaints, 2%
staff recruitment and retention 2%
Staff appraisal 2%
Mentor Teachers in EC Classrooms 2%
Impact of facilities on program quality 2%
Long range planning 2%
Primary Education (Elementary) and Early Childhood (0-5); the fundamental differences 2%
providing for children from low income homes 2%
Computes/technology 2%
Implementing the High/Scope Curriculum 2%
assessment of adult learning 2%
Collaboration 2%
Marketing 1%
blended programs 1%
honoring the kinesthetic learning in an early ed program 1%
Effective strategies for family involvement 1%
leadership:within the context of a team 1%
reflective practise 1%
Play for babies/Getting babies out of containers 1%
Inclusion of children with special needs 1%
REI philosophy 1%
scientifically based raeding research curriculum 1%
sensorimotor play 1%
Delegation 1%
Selecting staff 1%
Infant Toddler Care in an age of a focus on preschool 1%
Stress and cortisol impacts on the brain in ECE. 1%
Systems building 1%
development of gender identity in children 1%
Horizontal/Vertical Alignment 1%
cross cultural perspectives on young children including children with disabilities 1%
Child Care vs babysitters 1%
quality education in low-income settings 1%
Internet Viewing in daycare centers 1%
Parents as Partners 1%
Encouraging appropriate risk taking - particularly during outdoor play 1%
Parallel Process/Reflective Practice with Staff 1%
Emergency Preparedness - Evacuations 1%
Future Leaders(high school and college students) 1%
What affect/effect does shelter living have on children 1%
special needs of in-home providers like FCC and nannies 1%
peanut free centers 1%
take a look at local government (city, county) ECE support projects 1%
differences of in-classroom versus on-line adult learning 1%
multi-age classrooms 1%
Planning for emergencies 1%
The school as laboratory 1%
relationship-based care 1%
gay and lesbian issues 1%
The negative impact of Early Learning Standards 1%
learning groups 1%
Encouraging leaders in the ECE field 1%
signing for preverbal children 1%
transportation 1%
Quality Rating of FCC-Has it been fair/accurate? 1%
Staff evaluations 1%
true state of infant toddler care in this country 1%
Helping Parents feel comfortable with men in Infant and toddler classrooms 1%
The importance of rough-and-tumble play in children's development 1%
The affects of TV and language issues 1%
Over the Counter Medication and Children under 3 1%
All things HR Management and Legal Issues 1%
workforce gender diversity 1%
Talking with parents about assessing their child emotionally or mentally (i.e., for ADHD, Autism, etc.) 1%
DAP Responsiveness 1%
Care by Nanny 1%
Relationships between Nannies, Children and Parents 0%
single port of entry 0%
Quality Family Child Care Homes ARE Early Childhood Programs! 0%
nutrition for young children 0%
Nutrition/healthy eating 0%
expulsion 0%
providing for children where parents experience mental health issues 0%
music 0%
drug testing and party culture among staff - great for morale or not? 0%
The challenge of operating a proprietary center in a SMALL town. 0%
becoming a 0%
The impact of headstart program on private program 0%
The impact of headstart private provider 0%
Feature Ginger Sndweg and staff at the Phoenix College Family Care & Head Start Center 0%
gender equity 0%
Limits 0%
PITC Philosophy 0%
malnutrition and school performance 0%
ECE media-adults & children 0%
Eco-Healthy Certification 0%
parent peer support 0%
providing care for children in vulnerable families 0%
Learning, knowing, and understanding temperaments and their ranges. 0%
inspiring stories from staff and directors,how they made a difference. 0%

Total votes: 569

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