Threats to your Organization

Shortages of qualified teachers 74%
State of the economy 43%
Competition from Pre-K in public schools 35%
Pressure from parents to teach more academics 28%
Changes to state regulations / licensing requirements 23%
Decreases in public subsidies 23%
Lack of affordable space for expansion 19%
Competition from new centers 11%
Competition from unlicensed providers 8%
Child being injured in an accident at your center 5%
Abuse allegations against center staff by parents 2%
Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 2%
Availability of center liability insurance 1%
Child snatching from your center in a custody dispute 1%
Problems collecting payments 0%
children with challenging behavior 0%
teamwork issues among staff 0%
Competition from universal Pre-k 0%
Lack of subsidies for middle class parents with kids 0%
Actual occurence of an incidence of sexual abuse at your center 0%
National Unionization Movement 0%
Staff turnover 0%
rising cost of health insurance 0%
Providing appropriate training for employees 0%
Accident involving a center vehicle 0%
lack of respect by parents 0%
push down curriculum from NCLB 0%
committment from teachers to stay in the early childhood field 0%
Lack of work ethic of younger hires 0%
Increasing rates due to increase in minimum wages 0%
new NAEYC accreditation standards 0%
lack of parent involvement 0%
salary affording teacher qualifications 0%
ability to pay for quality 0%
comp from for profit with access to management and advertising with different focus 0%
Injuries from Biting 0%
State funded Pre-k 0%
Staffing 0%
New state and federal standards 0%
lack of resources to improve quality of care and wages for staff 0%
children's social & emotional growth 0%
mandates with no additional funding 0%
sexual abuse within this church ministry-nit childcare staff. 0%
state Pre-K for all 0%
NAEYC standards changing causing increased costs due to these regulations which are becoming tied to our state requirements for quality. 0%
location 0%
lack of funding to pay staff 0%
Lack of funds to adequately compensate staff 0%
low salary for qualified staff 0%
NAEYC Accreditation quagmire 0%
neglect allegation 0%
appropriate professional development compensation for non-profits 0%
NY City giving full day funding for UPK to only sites that have contracts with ACS (child care vouchers) 0%
naeyc accred. changes 0%
new NAEYC accred requirements and accompanying costs 0%
decline in the indirect support from student workstudy assitance which pays from 50% to 75% of qualified student workers wage. 0%
inability to pay staff adequately 0%
salary increases to meet the needs of qualified teacher 0%
Overcrowdiness in the classroom 0%
Low pay for long, stress filled days & continual demand for training on off duty hours. 0%
I would also have to say that the lack of the ability of our legislators to check in with knowledgable people in the ECE field on exactly what is most important for young children to know! And it's not academics! 0%
Expenses, taxes,fees, permits,insurance 0%
increase in minimum wage 0%
funds to pay teachers professional is too long now that edcuators compensate child care through low more requirements without thought to have to compensate professional staff 0%
not being able to pay a worthy wage 0%
lack of aprrication from parents lack of volunteering from parents 0%
Aggression from/between children 0%
full day jk/sk 0%
obesity 0%
Universal preschool in public schools 0%
High stakes requirements 0%
Lack of understanding of the Early Childhood Communities role in Education that would allow for sustainability 0%
parents lack of education, the belief that the raising of their chldren is the responsibility of the providerc 0%
Inability to pay a working wage 0%
the constant need to educate those who run the center (board or people other than early childhood profs.); hence, people making decision not based on the best practices for children, but for a variety of other reasons 0%
competition from Indian Tribal Casino Centers 0%
frustation 0%
Americn obsession w/product rather than process 0%
low wages/high cost 0%
also competition with Head Start, especially if they can offer full day, full year services 0%
Lack of pay to attract and keep qualified teachers and directors 0%
Competition from subsidised programs 0%
vote for teacher shortage two more times! 0%
need for increased wages 0%
staff retention due to low wages; increase in NAEYC accreditation requirements relating to staff qualifications 0%
luck of understanding from the public what the needs are for new Immigrants and refugees families and their children. Why force these families to loose their culture and heritage because they are leaving in Canada. 0%
not enough pay for teachers 0%
staff opinions 0%
getting parents understand the children displain issues 0%
competition from private schools 0%
inadequate funds to pay appropriate teacher salaries 0%
NAEYC educational requirements for teachers 0%
Lack of affordable teacher eduction opportunities. 0%
health insurance 0%
Keeping fees affordable while wanting to pay staff more 0%
cost of keeping qualified staff 0%
wages for teachers 0%
shortage of qualified teachers due to low pay 0%
NAEYC reaccreditation standards 0%
Non-Potty Trained 3+ Children 0%
staff training 0%
illegally operating neighborhood "childcare" 0%
shortage of qualified teachers but also the money to pay them. 0%
funding 0%
incompetent/inadequately prepared management and/or oversight 0%
parents unable to afford preschool 0%
demand for part-time care 0%
conflicting requirements from funding agencies in collaboration programs 0%
Inflation causing lack of funds 0%
lack of funding to pay teachers fairly 0%
decrease in grants 0%
buyouts from other child care companies 0%
Staff Increase of Pay 0%
High Cost of providing quality care 0%
Expansion of Head Start 0%
NAEYC Accreditation Standards 0%
public and educational perception of the role of a preschool teacher, misinterpretation of existing research in regards to developmentally appropriate practices by people in the field, lack of understanding by agencies, the public, educators outside of ea 0%
increase in costs to operate translating to increased parent fees 0%
smaller class sizes 0%
enrollment is really low 0%
teacher turn-over rate due to no increase in funding from state and local government for school readiness subsidized children 0%
low wages 0%
terrorism threats (jewish center) 0%
ineffective administration and leadership 0%
Unhealthy attitude between public and profit organizations 0%
groups that tear away from the moral fiber of our families 0%
Parents unable to afford the pay needed for quality teachers 0%
unionization of Family child care 0%
low pay and benefits 0%
pressure to provide "Christian" education 0%
Staff as team players 0%
parents can't afford the cost of care 0%
lack of state funding as we are a public school 0%
not being able to pay staff enough to compete in job market 0%
lack of adequate funding from government 0%
I have two 0%
need for higher wages 0%
Threat of 4K programs not yet in our city count as all three checks! I can deal with all of the other items but can't compete with 'free'. 0%
meeting infrastructure needs 0%
Economy 0%
low pay scale for teachers 0%
cost of child care 0%
location 0%
unfunded mandates 0%
4 year old kindergarten 0%
no funding to raise teacher wages 0%
none 0%
Increasing costs that have to be passed on to parents (health insurance, windstorm insurance, food costs due to rising gasoline cost). 0%
Toy Recalls, Lack of Benefits 0%
unrealistic goals set by organizations funding quality programs 0%
constant turnover 0%
Public school/State driven curriculum requirements 0%
lack of finances to pay for quality teachers 0%
Allergies 0%
Increase in traffic in the area. Makes trip from work to center to home too long. 0%
funding to cover costs 0%
Incresed pressure for accredidation or QRS participation 0%
money to pay qualified teachers 0%
not being able to pay the qualified staff enough 0%
low reimbursement rates from the state 0%

Total votes: 616

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