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Walk in Your Greatness
May 12, 2023
Lucky is the child who grows up with parents who basically love and accept themselves, and therefore can accept and love their child, who reminds them so often of their own selves.
-Magda Gerber, 1910-2007, founder of Respecting Infant Educarers

In her chapter in Stories of Resistance, Jerletha McDonald shares the following:

My grandmother exclaimed. 'You must walk in your greatness! Don’t you know God gave you everything you need to be great?

I have never forgotten those words from my grandmother. Those powerful words have cultivated me into the woman I am today. Despite my grandmother being my main caregiver, I also adopted my mother’s perseverance and resilience. While my grandmother instilled a tenacity and willingness to overcome adversity in my life, my mother exemplified survival and hustle. I learned early that I was meant for bigger things that required my obedience. Both my grandmother and mother instilled fundamentals that contributed to the leader I am today. My life was blessed because of both of these women.

As mothers are celebrated this weekend, may you be blessed with loving mother figures in your lives, deep healing if the mothering you received did not meet your needs, and the capacity to offer motherly love to others.


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Kirsten Haugen · May 15, 2023
Eugene, OR, United States

Erin, your grandmother sounds magical. So glad you had those experiences.
Gerry, thanks for the feedback!

Erin C Lincoln · May 12, 2023
Gateway Montessori
Longmont, CO, United States

I had an amazing grandmother who was a widow for my whole life. She was an incredible neighborhood nurse for many and cooked and made natural remedies. I enjoy all she taught me about gardening, natural remedies, compassion for elderly, ill and down trodden. I spent Summers with her. We baked, cooked, canned and shared with many. She could ride a horse and train them and I have ridden my whole life. She was a incredible influence in my life.

Gerry Slater · May 12, 2023
Design4Kids & Wisconsin Nature Action Co
MILWAUKEE, WI, United States


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