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Voting with Children in Mind
September 30, 2022
Inclusion, not assimilation, should be the key concept in seeking, ever seeking, a more perfect national union. Our own history has shown that we are stronger as a mosaic than a melting pot.
-Dan Rather, What Unites Us

“The pandemic highlighted the vital role child care plays for millions of children and families, while simultaneously underscoring the precariousness of high-quality, affordable, and accessible child care for all families. It has never been more important to ask candidates to speak to their policy plans for child care,” write Lynette M. Fraga and Anne Hedgepeth. Their article is the focus of the newest Exchange Reflections, "Voting with Children in Mind."

Early childhood professional Ruby Martin adds, “Each one of us can strengthen the economy by researching our candidates’ stances on supporting working families, child care and the educators working in child care.”

Fraga and Hedgepeth note, “Elections provide an opportunity to clarify the issues and ensure that our public officials understand what policy changes are needed to support accessible, affordable child care for all families.” They suggest questioning candidates “during public events (both in-person and virtual), over email, via social media, or by placing a phone call.” This new Reflections discussion guide supports individuals or teams to consider issues, policies and candidates with respect to their impact on children, families, child care, education and the early childhood workforce. The goal is not to instigate partisan debate but to inspire reflection and engagement on issues that influence our daily lives and the impact of our work.


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