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Seeing, Learning From, and Respecting Children
January 26, 2023
The tighter we cling to the norm of effectiveness, the smaller the tasks we’ll take on.
-Parker Palmer, author and educator

Several of our readers who responded to our survey about key influences credited Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching for her respectful approach toward children and teaching:

"Fairy Dust Teaching was a powerful resource for my years as a preschool/kindergarten teacher. Her Reggio based approach and clear processes for teaching were anchors for preparing the space, content and emergent curriculum for early childhood."
— Marie Camillo Reimensnyder, a nature-based curriculum coordinator from Maine

"Sally always asks questions or includes in her emails phrases/questions to provoke deeper thinking in regards to my role with children and what I can learn from them, and they from me. The way she words these questions and emails is so lovely, and they’re written in a truly positive way that feels magical."
— Nanette Arnold, Director, Aspen Leaf Preschool - North Park

"Sally and Fairy Dust Teaching align with my way of thinking about children. Children are capable, citizens of the world and must be seen, honored and respected because they are citizens of the world."
— a preschool teacher from Massachusetts

"Just made me stop and think...reevaluate some stuff and reaffirm other things."
— a primary caregiver/Early Head Start from Indiana

In addition to her offerings at fairydustteaching.com, Sally Haughey is co-author with Sandra Duncan and Sue Penix of The Honeycomb Hypothesis.


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