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Care and Learning Are Inextricably Linked
March 3, 2023
Caretaking is the utmost spiritual and physical responsibility of our time, and perhaps that stewardship is finally our place in the web of life, our work, the solution to the mystery that we are.
-Linda Hogan, Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World

“Creating two classes of early care and education programs hurts parents, teachers and children,” declared Elliot Haspel in the Hechinger Report.

In his opinion piece, “Child care is just as important as preschool,” Haspel, a nationally-recognized child and family policy expert, wrote,

“Importantly, the type of care setting matters far less than what is happening inside. We now know that care and learning are inextricably linked, a vital truth of child development that blows up any distinction between “early childhood education” and “child care.” The research base suggests that secure emotional attachment and its related gains in executive functioning (the ability to calm oneself down, concentrate on a task, work in a group, etc.) are what primarily drives later educational success.”

Carol Garboden expresses the same sentiments in her popular book, Illuminating Care. “Care is the making of humans. Care is the first lesson of love, connection and dependency. Care rituals demonstrate quintessential whole person learning – the integration of mind, body, heart and soul.”


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