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A Global Exchange of Questions and Ideas
May 9, 2022
It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime...
-Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-American Author

Exchange Press and World Forum Foundation co-founder Bonnie Neugebauer reminds us, "Our perspectives are limited to our experiences and the information at hand — we need others to help us understand what we don’t know. So we need to ask questions, especially working/living globally." Connecting with others to ask questions, and share stories is at the core of the World Forum on Early Care and Education, which will hold its 2022 event in person and virtually May 16-19.

Centering on the World Forum core values of children, change, relationships, spirit and differences, participants will exchange questions, experiences, and ideas on a range of issues that impact young children, including climate change, the war in Ukraine, children’s connection with nature, physical and mental well-being, indigenous approaches to care and learning, inclusion, play, workforce trends and more. For example, plenary speaker Peck Gee Chua, Malaysia, will share about the impact of pollution on young children. She notes, "Through their work and programming, early childhood development organizations are featuring more prominently the relationship between physical environments and the well-being of young children to ensure that children have the foundational conditions to develop and thrive."

In educator and consultant Azaleeya Huii’s words, the World Forum is "a melting pot of world educators interacting and sharing their expertise and experience with utmost enthusiasm. No stiff upper lips here. At the World Forum warmth, culture and transparent information exchange are clearly evident."

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"Exchange Press has a bounty of resources for continuing our learning in ECE. From a highly regarded magazine to books, Ed.Flicks videos, and ongoing inspiration with ExchangeEveryDay. I’m thrilled to see more diverse authors featured, along with some of the big issues we need to be circling our professional conversations and actions around."
- Margie Carter, author of From Teaching to Thinking and co-editor of the Reimagining Our Work Book Collection



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