The Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Initiative is not a book club. It is study for action. We envision that questions and longings will give rise to change-making action. The work of the ROW Initiative is not simply to read a book together, but to move the reimagining process forward, and create necessary change in the early learning landscape.

As a catalyst for this work, we develop ways to “study for action”. Developing action plans evolves from shared study and facilitated conversation with deep listening and a willingness to challenge and learn wit with each other. This might begin with a guided study of articles, a book, webinars or podcasts related to the principles of the ROW Charter. We recommend beginning with questions offered in the book From Teaching to Thinking: A Pedagogy for Reimagining Our Work, by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter, to uncover longings and to call forward new possibilities for how we do our work in early learning.

What convictions drive your work? What story are you making of your life?

For what do you want to be known? What kind of world do you want to live in?

Committing ourselves to deeper discussion of these questions will uncover what needs to change. We will learn how to mobilize courage, how to innovate, and shape action plans. We can bring our full selves to educational settings shaping a culture of excitement about learning where children, families and educators become critical thinkers. Together we can construct understandings of what must be created and what must be dismantled in order to repair harm, heal, and form ourselves into the beloved communities that lead to an equitable world.

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A Charter for Reimaginging Our Work

The ROW Initiative seeks to build a community of thinkers anchored in relationships that allow for substantive, open-hearted, intellectually rigorous dialogue and reimagining. We explore the values and commitments at the heart of our founding ROW Charter. These principles guide us as we work towards transformation, not remediation or repair. We commit to move beyond a “fix-it” mentality, and to act boldly to reimagine our work. ¡El momento ha llegado!

  • Principle 1: Embrace our humanity
  • Principle 2: Invite diverse voices and ways of thinking
  • Principle 3: Center our work on social justice
  • Principle 4: Believe in educators

A Charter for Reimagining Our Work (English PDF)
Una Carta Para Reinventar Nuestro Trabajo (Spanish PDF)

Convening Members

The Conveners of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Initiative

Ann Pelo
Guide, Author
Luz Casio
Center Director,
Bilingual ECE Program, Instructor, Author
Margie Carter
Raynice Jean-Sigur
College Professor (GA)

Kristie Norwood
Head Start/Early
Head Start Education Manager
Chris Whitmire
Director of ECE Programs (MI)
Pam Boulton
Leadership Instructor;
Coordinator, Exchange Leadership
Cecilia Scott-Croff
Campus Child