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A Coach as an Indispensable Critical Friend

Love is the very foundation of relationships and of ethical encounters with and through the other.
Lynda Stone, Professor of Education

“I think about what teachers deserve and what coaches must know and do and feel in order to become the indispensable critical friend that every educator longs to have, in order to learn and grow,” writes early childhood coach Eliana Elias, as co-author, with Olga Lacayo, of The Art of Troublemaking | El arte de crear problema. “And the more I think about this, the more lessons I find from my journey with Olga. In preparing for this journey, as in preparing for an expedition, we started with a strong desire to explore the unknown, to find better views, to experience new places. We started with trust, in ourselves and in each other. We started with reciprocity and authenticity.”

Elias shares a dozen insights, including:

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