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Help Us Reimagine How Exchange Press Will Support You

My hope is that we do not try to recreate the old ways that were not working, but instead bring with us the joy, knowledge and care that we had before as a foundation of our co-constructed present and future.
Ijumaa Jordan, Early Childhood Consultant

In last year’s Exchange Press customer survey, many of you expressed interest in an annual membership plan including a range of Exchange Press resources at significant savings. As we move to an increasingly digital world, the opportunities to access what you need when you need it continue to expand.

To design membership options that include the resources you need most, we need your input again. We’d like all of you to respond to help shape this exciting offering for our Exchange community. Please take a few minutes to respond to our brief questionnaire.

We truly appreciate your time and are excited to use your input to design membership options tailored to your needs.

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