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33 Ways to Stay Creative

Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards.
Anthony Robbins

Good Magazine recently posted this "Awesome 33 Ways to Stay Creative" List:

  1. Make lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Try free writing
  4. Get away from the computer
  5. Be otherworldly
  6. Quit beating yourself up
  7. Take breaks
  8. Sing in the shower
  9. Drink coffee/tea
  10. Know your roots
  11. Listen to new music
  12. Be open
  13. Surround yourself with creative people
  14. Get feedback
  15. Collaborate
  16. Don't give up
  17. Practice, practice, practice
  18. Allow yourself to make mistakes
  19. Go somewhere new
  20. Watch foreign films
  21. Count your blessings
  22. Get lots of rest
  23. Take risks
  24. Break the rules
  25. Do more of what makes you happy
  26. Don't force it
  27. Read a page of the dictionary
  28. Create a framework
  29. Stop trying to be perfect
  30. Got an idea? Write it down
  31. Clean your workspace
  32. Have fun
  33. Finish something

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