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Marketing Basics

A child's hand in yours — what tenderness it arouses, what power it conjures. You are instantly the very touchstone of power and wisdom.
Marjorie Holmes

"Good marketing starts with providing the best possible services."

This is what Phyllis Kalifeh advises in her March/April 2011 Exchange article "Marketing: No Longer an Afterthought."  She explains...

"The best advertising strategies in the world won’t be effective if we can’t keep parents because our services are inferior.  This is the critical foundation for any successful marketing effort.  For example, the building and playground are in good repair, licensing inspections are clean, and children are engaged in developmentally-appropriate readiness activities that promote early learning with responsive, nurturing teachers who are well trained for their jobs.  Whew!  That’s no small order, but fundamental to the success of your marketing efforts.  Make sure you’ve spent the time necessary to lay a solid foundation of high quality for young children.  Don’t get caught up in the chicken and the egg argument (e.g. 'If I had more children enrolled, I could do a better job.').  Do the best with what you have now, making the very best decisions possible."

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