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A New Dawn for ECE

by Ijumaa Jordan
November/December 2022
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Living in our new reality of post-lockdown pandemic, I have been reading and thinking about the work of Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006), who was a science fiction writer. Many people credit her as a futurist, especially because of the “Parable Series.” This is a bold statement, but I believe everyone should read Butler. If you are unfamiliar with her, look her up and read her books. 

The above quote reminds me that working towards a just and equitable world is not new. There are a plethora of strategies and ideas that have worked and will continue to work, such as collective organizing and action, community care, and beginning your work in your present environment. What is new and unique is me and the people in my community, and our experiences that impact our work. I see us as one of Butler’s “new suns”—a warm and hospitable presence that not only illuminates issues or problems, but uses the warmth to transform the problem to resolution—like melting a stick of butter or margarine to spread over popcorn for a yummy treat. Our warmth and light are not used to shine brighter to gain attention, because to burn too bright may lead to burnout, ...

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