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Becoming Agents of Change

by Maurice Sykes and Kyra Ostendorf
November/December 2022
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To move forward as a field, we must understand our history. Knowing our past provides us with a rich context for the future, and the past must be examined to create change. We must disrupt the past with our questions, and so create a path of disruptive thinking that can lead to disruptive change. We need to ask ourselves:

  • Is this the time to address historical injustices and inequities in our field? 
  • Is this the time to call attention to how these historical injustices and inequities have led to the current status of systematic discriminatory and exploitative practices that women of color everywhere, and especially in child care, experience?

The answer to the above questions is yes! Disruptive change has the potential for lasting impact. It is true that disruption most often comes with discomfort, but that is okay. This is how we grow and learn in the midst of disruption to make a new future. 

We must join together to launch a national social justice movement that is willing to examine our past perspectives, processes, and practices that have led us to this point. This requires us to move from advocacy to activism as we seek to undo and disrupt inequity and ...

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