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Reconnecting to Our Curiosity

by Nicky Byres
November/December 2022
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The return of air traffic over our playground and the increasing prevalence of delivery trucks over the last two years prompted the children to ask, “How do things move around the world?” This is a moment emergent educators long for: a big, juicy question from the children that immediately holds many possibilities moving forward.

It is always so tempting to jump in and offer suggestions and ideas, but we have learned on our curriculum journey over the past decades that there is power in the space we leave for a question to just hang in the air for a while.  We asked the children, “How could we find out more about your question?”

Pretty soon we were headed to the airport, where the children believed they might discover some answers. Not only did we see airplanes and have great discussions about where they might be coming from or going to and what was in them, but serendipitously we spotted the daily line of UPS trucks leaving the airport depot on our way back to the centre, which added more hypotheses to the children’s thinking. 

Once back from our excursion, the children made ...

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