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Welcome to Our 2022 Exchange Leaders

by Pam Boulton
July/August 2022
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Through the Exchange Leadership Initiative, Exchange has been making leadership more visible in the field of early care and education since 2014. Now with more than 450 Exchange Leaders, we see them everywhere—as directors, owners, and administrators, in classrooms, family child care homes, schools, colleges, and universities, and in all the programs and services that support children and families. As leaders, they provide vision and stability, imagination and caring, and through their actions they offer direction now and into the future. 

This year has brought more challenges and opportunities. We are, at once, exhausted and exhilarated as we welcome the summons to the demanding task of providing excellent care for our youngest children and their families during these turbulent times. The need for leadership throughout our field continues to be high, and our Exchange Leaders have stepped up and moved forward in response. Thank you to all our leaders and to all of us who follow. Together, we work to sustain families and communities through our supportive services. 

With congratulations and delight, we invite you to meet your new Exchange Leaders for 2022. 

Exchange Leaders thoroughly understand early care and ...

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