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Moving Kids Safely in Child Care: A Refresher Course

by Laura Dutil Aird, MS
January/February 2007
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“. . . a toddler fell and needed stitches, and her parents wanted me to meet them at the emergency room. There was a lot of blood, so I drove while another teacher held her in the back seat to keep pressure on the wound. Our center was only three blocks away from the hospital, yet another car hit us, and . . . ”

“I removed my four year old from his preschool because they went on a field trip, and he told me he got to ride in the front seat of the director’s car because the van was broken . . . ”

“A fatal accident killed the driver and three children who were being transported from child care to school; investigators said none of the children in the van were wearing appropriate restraints . . . ”

Each year thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Although these situations are always tragic, they are particularly disturbing when known safety practices are not followed or a “well-meaning” adult isn’t aware of the recommended procedures and puts children at risk.

We all know the rules. The only way to make sure children are safe during transportation is to use ...

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