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Technology in Early Childhood Education

by Chip Donohue
November/December 2003
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The use of computers and other digital technologies continues to rise in early childhood programs, and technology is being used as a tool for improving program quality in many interesting ways. In this Exchange Trend Report the focus is on innovative and effective uses of computers and technology for program management, classroom teaching, and professional development. The results of an online “Readers Survey” at ChildCareExchange.com are highlighted, and innovations for classroom teaching and eLearning are identified and described, to provide a snapshot of the most frequent and promising uses of technology in early childhood education.

Can you hear me now?

Our lives today are more like the “Jetsons” than “Ossie and Harriet.” We routinely use high tech tools like cell phones, PDAs, personal computers, the Internet, e-mail, and digital cameras in our homes, at work, and in our classrooms. But cell phones that have built-in digital cameras that can send photos and receive text messages and e-mail via wireless Internet would amaze even George Jetson.

Acronyms like PC, CD, DVD, PDA, DSL, eBay, and .com, are part of our professional vocabulary right alongside ECE, DAP, ADA, and NAEYC. For better or worse, technology has changed the way we manage finances, keep records, ...

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