by Roger Neugebauer
July/August 1995
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Every year more child care centers take the plunge and buy computers to assist with administrative tasks. If you are on the verge of committing to computers, this can be a point of high anxiety. This guide is designed to ease your anxiety. It suggests nine important questions you need to answer in selecting software that will meet your needs and your budget. These questions were developed based on the insights offered by Exchange Panel of 200 members currently using center management software. At the end of this guide is a listing of 24 center management software packages currently on the market.

Nine Key Questions

Does it meet MY needs?

Your needs come first! Take time to establish your priorities. Review all the management tasks involved in keeping your organization afloat. Identify those that can no loner be performed effectively manually - monthly billings? payroll? classroom schedules? USDA reports? Your completed list of borderline unmanageable tasks should become the heart of your software shopping list. Don't be distracted by all the peripheral bells and whistles a program offers - if a program doesn't address your prime needs, pass it by.

An important consideration here is ...

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