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Who’s Next?

by Dennis Vicars
March/April 2008
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Every owner, CEO, President, District Manager, Center Director, Assistant Director, Lead Teacher (have I missed anyone?) is going to leave someday. In fact, every present job within your organization, including yours, will some day be replaced with a new person. With that being said, what are you doing to ensure that your organization, whether one school or a multi-unit organization has a pipeline with well trained leaders prepared for their next opportunity? There is nothing more important to an organization than who its leaders are now and in the future. In fact, show me who the leader is, whether for-profit or non-profit, public or private and I, like you, can very quickly ascertain whether the operation is well run with a successful program for young children.

The first step in moving forward is the recognition that a succession plan is necessary from top to bottom. Turning recognition into action has been a major stumbling block to many companies and will hinder a one school operation, as well as a multiple-site organization. There is a lesson why many major companies like 3M, Kodak, Boeing, and Starbucks have stalled while year after year, GE, Pepsi, and Intel have continued to produce great products and ...

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