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Who’s Minding Preschool Children?

by Roger Neugebauer with Michael Wilson of MCH Strategic Data
November/December 2012
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Article Link: http://exchangepress.com/article/whos-minding-preschool-children/5020808/

Center-based child care and family child care are now part of the fabric of life in the United States. This trend report will review the available demographic information on the types of child care arrangements that parents are utilizing, the expenses related to these forms of care, and the structural characteristics of center-based care.

Most of the data for this report was gleaned from reports of the U.S. Census Bureau. In recent years these reports have more accurately captured relevant data about our field. For example, starting in 1995, information was separated out on the utilization of family child care and Head Start. However, there are still some anomalies " for example, when a father stays home and cares for the children this is counted as providing ‘child care.’ However, when a mother stays home with the children and the father works, her contribution is not counted as child care. In addition, even in the 2010 Census Bureau reports, the term ‘day care center’ is still an official caregiving category, even though our profession stopped using this term decades ago.

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