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The Ten Ps of Parent Communication

by Timothy Wayne Borruel
January/February 2002
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There are many ingredients that contribute to a successful preschool - dedicated staff, safe environment, and programs to help children with socialization and early academic skills. And high on this list is communication - specifically staff-parent communication. Through regular communication with parents, staff members help develop, nurture, and maintain relationships that, in turn, lead to parent confidence in the preschool program. When parents develop an open and close relationship with their child's teacher, even mistakes and errors are easily forgiven.

It is important to stress that these relationships don't just happen. Instead, they are built. In fact, a quality preschool will require that each and every representative of the school work hard at establishing and maintaining strong parental relationships. All staff should be trained and held accountable for consistently investing in relationships and continually displaying a service mentality - which means always showing respect and appreciation to the customer - i.e. parents.

The goal of the Ten Ps of Parent Communication is to make parents feel special and cared for - each and every day. This customer service is found in the most well-respected organizations in the country, from Disneyland to Nordstrom's to the Ritz Carlton Hotels.

A preschool center that practices the ...

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