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Perspectives on Discipline

by Bonnie Neugebauer
January/February 1997
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"I would really like to see opinions about difficult issues like discipline from people of a variety of different cultures." In sharing this comment, Winona Sample, early childhood consultant and January/February 1995 cover director, planted the seed for the article you are about to read. Many months ago, we began collecting interviews from parents around the country from a variety of backgrounds, involved in a variety of programs for children. We thought we would be sharing some striking cultural insights, but what we have is something quite different.

I would, however, like to highlight two points that I found most striking. First, involvement in early childhood programs seems to have had a significant influence on the parenting styles of the people

interviewed. Modeling, support, and training have had a strong impact on the way they interact with children.

Second, many of the people interviewed experienced strong physical disciplining as children; yet, contrary to popular belief, several of these people, as parents, have chosen positive, supportive discipline techniques for living with their own children. Their stories are stirring and insightful.

Please remember when you are reading these comments that what we have presented are only pieces of people's lives, only portions of their stories. It ...

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