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Meeting Adult Needs Within the Classroom

by Eileen Eisenberg
September/October 1997
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Quality early childhood classrooms ideally resemble the most comforting aspects of home. For children, they are places to play, explore, create, and discover, to be nourished and comforted and to spend the day with friends and caring adults. In the best environments, children are free to be happy, silly, noisy, sad, angry, cranky, hungry, and tired. We set up the environment to promote optimal development in young children.

What about the teachers who spend the day with children? And what about the parents who daily bring their children to the center or choose to stay and volunteer? How is the classroom environment arranged to meet their needs? How can we integrate adult needs into what is traditionally considered children's space?

This article will address the adult needs specifically within the classroom space. We recognize that adults enter into all other spaces within the child care center: the entryway, hallways, washrooms, kitchen, administrative offices, and parent room. Extending adult considerations throughout the center is an essential element of creating a quality program. For teachers, the classroom is a place to work: to meet the challenging demands of many children for long hours; to form partnership with parents; and to have opportunities to grow ...

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