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Marketing: No Longer an Afterthought

by Phyllis Kalifeh
March/April 2011
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Who would ever have thought that a big white duck quacking AFLAC would be a successful marketing strategy for an insurance company or GEICO’s green gecko lizard with a British accent for that matter? Yet, marketing and advertising professionals would definitely consider both of these campaigns very successful. What did they have in common besides large advertising budgets and massive television exposure? They were creative approaches for what can be considered rather mundane products, presented in a manner that was both entertaining and eye-catching. Their appeal seems to be universal; yet what we most remember is not exactly the specific message, but the companies they represent.

Relax. I’m not suggesting that those who work in the early childhood field should follow suit and create multi-million dollar campaigns. We know this is not realistic or practical. What we can learn from these examples is that we need to get out of our comfort zones, think outside the box, and address our roles as marketers in a society that is overloaded with information. How can we get the attention of the market segment we’re trying to attract?

In a declining economy, it’s even more important to consider how we’re communicating and ...

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