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Ice Breaker Activities

by Karen Stephens
May/June 2001
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If you're a director, you're well aware that group dynamics plays a major role in the success - or dysfunction - of a staff. The extent to which staff respects each other, and genuinely knows and appreciates each other, has a great impact on attitude and job performance.

Whether you're orienting new staff, conducting a staff meeting, or offering a training workshop, a director's continual challenge is keeping staff dynamics respectful, warm, engaging, and vital.

When energy comfortably flows between participants, the group's creativity and problem solving quotient shoots up. They'll be less defensive, more likely to share unique ideas, and will maintain an open mind to suggestions.

Whether you have a long-time staff or one that rotates more than you'd like, icebreaker activities listed in this article will nudge any group toward animated interaction.

Though you'll have favorite icebreakers, don't rely on just one or two. As individuals vary, so will warm up styles. Some may need movement to get energy flowing, others will like relaxing objects to manipulate, others need humor to keep engaged. Most of the ideas work best with a group of 20 or less.

Choose icebreakers based on the time you have available and how important it is for members ...

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