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Enjoy a Docia Story - About "Parent Meetings"

by Docia Zavitkovsky
March/April 1991
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Parent meetings really aren't always held because there are problems. In fact, as parents grow to trust and feel at home with teachers, and teachers grow to trust and feel at home with parents, meetings can be meaningful and fun. I remember one great meeting where parents and staff came together to talk about "Why Children Act the Way They Do." There wasn't anything in the topic to indicate negative, positive, destructive, or constructive behavior; but it did arouse interest and curiosity.

A mother started the ball rolling by saying that she put cotton in her ears when she couldn't stand to hear another word out of Albert. Everyone then had a story to tell. A few were serious in nature, but most were humorous and had people laughing and holding their sides. So much good feeling and camaraderie were engendered that another meeting was scheduled, and out of these two meetings a parent group came into being.

I doubt that a meeting where most of the parents attending were employed single heads of households would have been as successful if the subject for discussion had been on the importance of learning how a child's cognitive and ...

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