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Art of Leadership: Engaging Families in Early Childhood Organizations

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This comprehensive hands-on series of books examines every aspect of effective center management from A to Z. Offering the best advice and thinking from recognized experts on program administration, these books are designed to be comprehensive, hands-on training texts as well as ongoing reference tools for center administrators. The ideas presented are practical; the strategies are proven to work.

High-quality early childhood programs are highly effective in engaging and supporting the families they serve. Engaging Families addresses the full spectrum of responsibilities in working with families: welcoming, supporting, engaging, and communicating with parents. In addition, it provides helpful advice on working with all types of families in today’s society. 128 pgs.

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Table of Contents


  • Empowering Parents by Jim Greenman

Chapter 1: Welcoming, Engaging, Supporting Parents

  • Making Families Welcome by Deadru Hilliard
  • Redefining Parent Engagement: An Interview with Mary Jo Deck by Margie Carter
  • Helping Children and Families Develop a Sense of Belonging by Donna King
  • Developing Meaningful Relationships with Families by Margie Carter
  • Goodness of Fit: Matching Families’ Expectations for Your Program
  • With Your Own by Erin Kathleen Kenny
  • Engaging Families by María Fernanda Levis-Peralta
  • The Family Partnership by Molly Greenman
  • Moving from Family Participation to Partnerships by Anne Stonehouse
  • The ECE Social Worker: A Vital Piece of Any Family-centered Program by Kelli Didomenico
  • Lean on Me: Helping Children and Families through Disruptive Change by Jane Humphries and Kari Rains

Chapter 2: Communicating with Parents

  • The Ten Ps of Parent Communication by Timothy Wayne Borruel
  • Communicating with Parents by Margie Carter
  • Using the Principles of Intentional Teaching to Communicate Effectively with Parents by Jody Martin
  • The Demanding, Questioning, Over-involved Parent by Gigi Schweikert
  • Parent Meetings: Creative Ways to Make Them Meaningful by Karen Stephens
  • Mrs. Godzilla Takes on the Child Development Experts by Janet Gonzalez-Mena
  • Sharing Developmental Concerns with Parents by Craig Gibson and Robert Naseef
  • Parental Anger: Causes, Triggers, and Strategies to Help by Roberta J. Wilburn

Chapter 3: Working with All Types of Families

  • Working with Non-traditional Families by Lisa Eisenbud
  • Supporting Multicultural, Multilingual Families by Julie Garrett
  • Today’s Families: Who Are We and Why Does it Matter? by Lisa King and Kirsten Haugen
  • Hearing Parents in Every Language: An Invitation to ECE Professionals by Holly Elissa Bruno
  • Dialogue to Understanding Across Cultures by Janet Gonzalez-Mena
  • Retrato de Mi Familia by Rebeca María Barrera
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Families by Tracy Burt and Lee Klinger Lesser
  • Parents the Second Time Around by Linda Carlson Johnson

ISBN: 978-0-942702-59-0