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Disarming Contankerous People

by Luis Hernandez and Connie Jo Smith
January/February 2009
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You know them. Yes, them. Those people that can make life at work a miserable experience. People problems in work settings is the top stressor for most workers. We love the job, but these other people can make the experience fairly miserable.

Who are these folks? They are the ones that we can easily recognize because they can bug us individually or can drive the entire team bonkers. They are the ones who:

• are bossy
• act superior
• are loud and aggressive
• are phonies
• try to please too much.

Difficult personalities come in a variety of roles in just about every setting " unless you work alone and then you can drive yourself nuts!

While these types have been identified in the typical corporate and business culture, difficult work personalities also inhabit the world of ECE workplaces. While it may seem hard to conceive that difficult people lurk amongst the rest of us great humans, cantankerous folks have infiltrated the best of settings.

Of interest is the amount of research and popular writing on the subject. Because difficult people have an impact on workplace morale and productivity, the topic has led to research and analysis, all with a popular ...

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