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Developing Empathy to Promote Equity

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Perhaps a child resists classroom routines or expectations, a team member rubs you the wrong way, or a parent challenges program practices. Sometimes, difficult moments offer us rich opportunities, especially when a deeper sense of empathy gives us insights and tools to respond productively. Explore diverse aspects of empathy as a powerful tool for enriching relationships, exercise your empathy skills, and foster a culture of equity and understanding in your early childhood environment.

This Out of the Box Training is based on the Exchange magazine article: “Developing Empathy to Promote Equity in Early Childhood Settings,” by Lea Ann Christenson, Leah S. Muccio, and Kevin McGowan.

Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced caregivers and educators who are working with young children (birth through 8 years).

What is Included?

Facilitator’s Guide:

  • Target audience
  • Timeline for preparation and training
  • Foundations for Adult Learning
  • Guide to activity materials, preparation, and implementation for each training activity
  • Certificate of attendance and participation

The Participant Kit:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Training outline and timeline
  • The article which forms the basis of this training
  • Handouts, including an agenda for each training activity
  • Learning Assessment
  • Training Evaluation
  • Resources for Enrichment

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Developing Empathy to Promote Equity