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Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms (Back-Order)

by Eric M. Nelson, MA
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Transform outdoor spaces into learning environments where children can enjoy a full range of activities as they spend quality time in nature. This book is filled with guidance to help you plan, design, and create an outdoor learning program that is a rich, thoughtfully equipped, natural extension of your indoor curriculum.

Loaded with practical and creative ideas, it also includes information to help you:

  • Understand how outdoor classrooms benefit children's learning and development
  • Collaborate with other teachers, administrators, and families to make your outdoor classroom a reality
  • Create development and action plans to strategize and implement changes
  • Evaluate your outdoor environment, program, and practices

“Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms” promotes the idea that if you can do it indoors, you can probably do it outside as well.

“There are no more excuses for the same-old, same-old behaviors and routines in early childhood programs. Now, everyone can learn how to build a practical, useful, and exciting outdoor classroom at any site.”

--Sheryl E. Cohen, PhD, Director of Stephen S. Wise Temple Early Childhood Center

Table of Contents

Foreword by Elizabeth Jones, PhD
Introduction: The Role of the Outdoor Classroom
Chapter 1: Children and the Outdoors
Chapter 2: Working with Children in the Outdoor Classroom
Chapter 3: Getting Buy-In from Stakeholders
Chapter 4: Getting Started
Chapter 5: Evaluating the Outdoor Classroom
Chapter 6: Program and Implementation Strategies
Appendix A: Outdoor Classroom Staff Perception Survey
Appendix B: The Outdoor Classroom Project
Appendix C: Resources for Early Childhood Educators
Appendix D: Reading Opportunities for Children
Appendix E: Yard Design Errors
Appendix F: Sample of Ideal Scene

ISBN: 978-1-60554-025-2

Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms (Back-Order)