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Crafting an Inclusive Curriculum

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on crafting an inclusive curriculum

  • Including Young Children with Special Needs
    by Ileen S. Schwartz, Samuel L. Odom, and Susan R. Sandall
  • Opening Doors to Activities that Include ALL Children
    by Whit Hayslip and Lisbeth Vincent
  • Julie’s Story
    by Craig Gibson
  • Kids Gotta Move: Adapting Movement Experiences for Children with Differing Abilities
    by Carol S. Kranowitz
  • Positive Strategies for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges
    by Julie Rose and Nancy Rosenow
  • The Impact of Sensory Integration on Behavior: Discovering Our Best Selves
    by Nancy Rosenow
  • Using Creative Dramatics to Include All Children
    by Kirsten Haugen
  • Art for All Children: A Conversation About Inclusion
    by Nancie Tonner West
  • Preschool Inclusion �" Navigating Through Alphabet Soup
    by Rebecca Lytle and Judith Bordin
  • Reaching the Most Vulnerable Children
    by Elizabeth Ruethling
  • Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs
    by Linda Crisalli

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Crafting an Inclusive Curriculum