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Being with Infants and Toddlers (Back-Order)

by Beverly Kovach, Susan Patrick, Laura Briley
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This book is a “how to” curriculum guide for appropriate practices when working with very young children in the early childhood learning environment. Incorporating the developmental philosophies of Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber, Erik Erikson, and Maria Montessori, it promotes respectful and responsive caregiving to foster competence and independence commensurate with each child’s level of ability. Topics include caregiving routines, environments, caregiver/child interactions, and the role of parents.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Part One: Infants
    • Introduction
    • History
    • Philosophy for Infant Caregiving
    • Caregiving Curriculum
    • Including Baby in His/Her Care
    • Your Relationship with the Baby is the Curriculum
    • Caregiving Routines
    • Your Hands
    • About Hands: Dr. Emmi Pikler
    • Diapering
    • Feeding
    • Sleep
    • Crying
    • Infants Interacting Together
    • Gross Motor Movement
    • Play
    • Language
    • Language Development
    • Literacy Checklist
    • Basic Concepts of Group Care
    • Basic Principles for Infant Caregivers
    • Large Muscle Observation
    • Hand Movement Observation
  • Part Two: Toddlers
    • The Toddler Philosophy of Group Care
    • Basic Concepts of Group Care
    • Caregiver Behaviors that Support the Toddler Curriculum
    • The Art of Observation
    • Cooperative Toileting
    • Toilet Learning
    • Routines that Decrease Chaos
    • See How We Eat
    • The Road to Restful Sleep
    • Live-Saver Transitions
    • See How We Play
    • Language
    • Early Literacy Checklist
    • Toddler Curriculum Activities
    • How to Constitute a Specific Toddler Curriculum
    • Discipline and Classroom Management
    • Environmental Design
    • Parents as Partners for Infants
    • Parents as Partners for Toddlers
    • Developmental Characteristics
    • Resources and Readings

ISBN: 978-0-615635-16-3

Being with Infants and Toddlers (Back-Order)