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Advocating for Play

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in PDF format, focusing on play:

  • Children’s Right to Be Heard: Learning from Children about Their Perspectives on Play
    by Julie Nicholson, Priya Mariana Shimpi, and Christine Carducci
  • Speaking Out for Play-Based Learning
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman
  • Reclaiming Play: Helping Children Learn and Thrive in School
    by Nancy Carlsson-Paige
  • "But They’re Only Playing": Interpreting Play to Parents
    by Renatta M. Cooper
  • Building a Play Research Agenda
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman
  • Defending Childhood - Encouraging Children to Be Themselves
    by Johann Christoph Arnold
  • Rough and Tumble Play 101
    by Frances Carlson
  • Play, Policy, and Practice: The Essential Connections
    by Edgar Klugman and Sandra Waite-Stupiansky
  • Preschool Academics: Learning What Comes Naturally
    by David Elkind
  • Play and Standards-Driven Curricula: Can They Work Together in Preschool?
    by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman
  • Changing Times, Changing Play: Why Does It Matter?
    by Diane E. Levin
  • Play IS the Way
    by Steve Gross and Rebecca Cornelli Sanderson

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Advocating for Play