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What We Learned from the Pandemic

by Mike Huber and Deb Lawrence
July/August 2021
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This should have been a banner year. Children of all ages should be mastering state standards and excelling academically. They no longer had to put up with classmates poking them during a teacher’s lecture. There were no distractions, such as recess or friends congregating in hallways. Teachers could use technology in the virtual classroom to make sure every child was “on task” with their video on, the mute button selected, and their eyes on the screen. But one thing we can all agree on is that this past year was difficult for children and the research is telling us that children have made less progress than during a typical year, not more. So why did technology not save the day? What have we learned from the pandemic, and how should we change our teaching strategies to ensure every child is reaching their potential?

Philosophical Differences Come into Focus

The COVID-19 pandemic offered a rare experiment to test different philosophies of education. These philosophies often exist in stark contrast with each other. In early childhood education, they can be simplified to those who believe children construct their knowledge by interacting with others and with materials, and those who believe children learn via an adult ...

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