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Reimagining Our Work: What Story Do You Want to be Known For?

by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter
September/October 2018
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A story about early childhood education that blithely speaks of investing in the future or preparing children to succeed in the global race without interrogating what that future might be or the sustainability of that global race, that story just will not do.
Peter Moss,
Transformative Change and Real Utopias

As early childhood educators we met nearly 30 years ago, on Ann’s first day of work in a child care center in Seattle. She was long on enthusiasm, and astoundingly short on experience. Margie was the visiting staff coach; she threw Ann a lifeline on that first day, gathering the children for a story that quieted the chaos. From that first day, we have been writing a story together, bound by our shared political and pedagogical commitments and by deep pleasure in our rigorous collaborations. We have led seminars together; made videos together; with our colleague, Deb Curtis, we crafted a pedagogical tool for reflection called the Thinking Lens protocol. But we had not written together until the summer of 2017 when, after several years of talking about the idea, we dove into a more serious effort to craft a book.

In addition to our dismay with the general political climate ...

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