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How Creative is Your Early Childhood Classroom?

by Vanessa Ewing and Laura Tuthill
September/October 2012
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Our complex world continues to face many problems. In Colorado alone since the start of 2012, we have seen a senseless act of violence in an Aurora movie theatre taking away many lives, as well as thousands of acres of destruction from countless wildfires. And every year millions of ­people are diagnosed with cancer or other potentially debilitating diseases and conditions, all of which require novel answers and creative solutions. Howard Gardner (2006) discussed the critical importance of a ‘creating mind’: advancing new ideas, questions, and answers to help tackle problems such as these. Solving these complex problems requires future generations to utilize ­creative thinking abilities.

One of our roles as educators is to prepare our students for future success; this means preparing them to be creative thinkers capable of solving problems that do not yet exist. This is a challenge requiring us to re-examine our educational practices and infuse creative ­thinking skills into our curriculum and instruction.

One such problem was recently highlighted in a Newsweek article “The ­Creativity Crisis” (Bronson & Merryman, 2010). This article highlighted how important creative thinking is to the success of our country, both to us as individuals and collectively. Suspected factors in the decline ...

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