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Honoring Doyens in Our Field

by Roger Neugebauer and Bonnie Neugebauer with Pam Boulton
November/December 2017
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We have among us Doyens in the early care and education field. They are a special group of leaders held in high regard with a true place of respect as mentors to our generation. They have dedicated their lives to making a difference for young children and their families, professionally and personally. They have led with vision, determination, generosity of spirit, and an unceasing commitment to lifelong learning. Their contributions continue to provide both momentum and a foundation to our field.

Exchange magazine launched the Exchange Leadership Initiative in November 2014 to recognize leaders and leadership in our profession. Since then Exchange has recognized 243 leaders in the field of early care and education. ELI is now undertaking a search in coordination with our Exchange Strategic Partners and other national organizations for our Doyens. We will continue our recognition of these influential professionals who lead in different capacities and circumstances, individuals diverse in gender, race, life situation, culture, experience, age, and world view.  

We begin with recognition of our first group of Doyens. We acknowledge the vision, determination, and generosity of spirit that are hallmarks of their leadership. We honor them for their lifetime commitment to young children and families.

Paula Jorde Bloom
Wheeling, Illinois
Professor Emerita, McCormick ...

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