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Collective Leadership: Activating the Gifts of Your Team

November/December 2015
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Go to the people.  Live with them.  Learn from them.  Love them.  Start with what they know.  Build with what they have.  But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say,
“We have done this ourselves.” 
— Lao Tzu

What is Collective Leadership?

Collective leadership is a group of people working together toward a shared goal. Collective leadership goes above and beyond working as a team; it entails working as a system. When collective leadership is present, people say: We have done this ourselves.

Collective leadership can operate within a team, an organization, a collaboration, a community, and even a profession or system. It enables those in leadership positions to feel surrounded by support and resources rather than figuring out everything alone. In collective leadership, the concept of leadership shifts from something you do to or for others to something you do with others. And it is a way for people in any position within an organization to contribute to their fullest ability.

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