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Challenging Behaviors: How Directors Can Help

by Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar Rasminsky
November/December 2018
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The stakes are high when young children get kicked out of child care or school. They learn that no one believes in their ability to succeed. Research shows, African American boys are disproportionately the targets of suspension and expulsion, and although states and school districts have begun to prohibit these practices, such a gesture is just the beginning.

Administrators of early childhood programs and schools have a crucial role to play in enabling success in children with challenging behavior.

Running an early childhood program or a school is not easy. And it becomes much harder when there is a child with challenging behavior in the mix. Many administrators lack the training, experience, and/or resources to address this issue and find themselves unable to assist their staff or provide the support needed when there is a child with challenging behavior in their classrooms.

However, when directors believe in the goal of making it possible for all children to remain in school, behave appropriately and learn, and when they have the skills to develop and lead a team that supports this goal, they can make it happen.

Helping children with challenging behavior to reach their potential requires a community of caring in which everyone works together and ...

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