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Appreciatively Inquiring in Early Care and Education

by Ellen M. Drolette
September/October 2021
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“Education has been framed as a problem fraught with adversities.
I think it is time to cut that out. This is the time to reframe education as a great opportunity, a chance to understand what works well for children, families, and communities. We need
to extend and expand models of success.”                                      –Marge Schiller, July 2014

What if every morning, you took a few minutes to think about what will bring you joy in the day ahead?

I do this first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee. (I am human though, and sometimes it just does not happen!) In the quiet of my living room, I think about what I hope for from the day. Often, it is the same thing I hoped for the day before: to have laughter, joy, dancing, and imagination filling my classroom, and to be my best self—asking open-ended questions, and having the utmost patience when children become frustrated.

This morning ritual is an example of appreciative inquiry, and it is one of my favorite subjects to talk and write about in the early years. Appreciative inquiry ...

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