Exchange Leadership Initiative Logo

Denise Fadina

Bright Future Child Care
Minnesota, United States
Owner/Primary Provider

Amy Fain

Community Action Project
Oklahoma, United States
Manager of Oklahoma Early Childhood Program

Leslie Falconer

Michigan Experience Early Learning Co.
Michigan, United States
President and CEO

Stephanie Feeney

University of Hawaii
Oregon, United States
Professor Emerita of Education

Sarah Felstiner

Hilltop Children's Center
Washington, United States
Curriculum Director

Sia Barbara Ferguson Kamara

Government of the District of Columbia
District of Columbia, United States
Administrator of the District of Columbia Department of Human Services’ Early Care and Education Administration

Jennifer Fiechtner

Innovations in Early Childhood
Alaska, United States
Author and Editor

Rick Fiene

Research Institute for Key Indicators LLC
Pennsylvania, United States
Research Psychologist

Louis Finney, Jr.

Lutheran Services Florida Inc.
Florida, United States
Executive Vice-President

Deborah Flis

CT Office of Early Childhood
Connecticut, United States
Division Director, Early Care & Education/Quality Improvement

Aldo Fortunati

Istituto Degli Innocenti; Bottega Di Geppetto; University Of Florence
Florence, Italy
Head of Education Area; President, Bottega di Geppetto; Professor

Karen Foster-Jorgensen
Nova Scotia, Canada
Founder and Business Strategist

Heather Fox

Dimensions Educational Research Foundation
Nebraska, United States
Education Specialist

Jessica Frazier

UCUC Preschool
California, United States

Pat Frouws

SFU Childcare Society
British Columbia, Canada
Executive Director

Aviva Fudem

Ontario, Canada
Owner, Freelance Educator, Idea Architect