About Exchange Press

  1. Who is Exchange Press?
    Exchange Press is a publishing company focused on providing resources for early childhood professionals. It was founded in 1978 with the publication of the first issue of Exchange magazine. Learn more about our history.
  2. Does Exchange offer any free resources?
    Yes! ExchangeEveryDay, our electronic newsletter, has been delivered to the inbox of early childhood professionals every weekday for over ten years. Sign up today!

    Exchange’s website also provides information on early childhood-related conferences, job opportunities, and special offers from our advertising partners.
  3. Does Exchange work outside North America?
    Yes! Many Exchange resources are available as downloadable PDF files. Purchasing these items provides immediate access through your account login and there are no shipping and handling charges! Learn more.

    Exchange also offers printed resources in some parts of the world served by our international distributors.

    Additionally, Exchange established the World Forum Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings. Learn more and find out how you can get involved by visiting the World Forum Foundation’s website.