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What Endures? What Shifts?
January 18, 2023
Being a teacher has changed me. It has broken me, but it has also rebuilt me into something stronger and kinder, both gentler and more badass.
-Kelly Treleaven, teacher, blogger, author

The results of our survey about enduring influences grounding our work and newer influences leading to change are in. As we share them back over the next few months, I hope they spark ongoing exchanges with all of you. When you have something to share, or a response to what we share, reply in the comments or email me at [email protected] and mention ‘EED’ in the subject line.

Rissa Scott, a Childcare Coordinator/Trauma Trainer from California cites Anti-Bias Education by Derman-Sparks and Olsen-Edwards as a grounding influence:

I discovered this book while pursuing my degree in early childhood education…The issues of bias, racism, all the -isms are alive in well in our world. As I teacher I needed it to help a young African American girl who told me one day she didn't want to be brown. I used it as a reference in a speech at a conference to discuss cultural diversity and cultural competency. I used it developing training on revealing culture and diversity to children. It stands the test of time because it confronts the issues of our time.

And for Scott, the book What Happened to You? by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey, has been transformative:

This book and the question has shifted how I interact with myself, my work, my family/friends, and those I serve. Something has happened to all of us and whether it is revealed or not, as I interact with people, this question guides my interaction. Dr. Perry highlights the importance of this question by reflecting on what has happened (or not) in our childhood that makes us who we are today. Everyone should read it. I believe it would change how parents parent, how employers see their employees, and how caregivers respond to children with challenging behavior. Because something has happened to all of us….


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