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Bias Toward Boys?
December 30, 2019
The sun, the earth, love, friends, our very breath are parts of the banquet.
-Rebecca H. Davis

“Research from the Yale Child Study Center suggests that many preschool teachers look for disruptive behavior in much the same way: in just one place, waiting for it to appear,” writes Cory Turner on the National Public Radio website. “The problem with this strategy (besides it being inefficient), is that, because of implicit bias, teachers are spending too much time watching black boys and expecting the worst.

Lead researcher Walter Gilliam knew that to get an accurate measure of implicit bias among preschool teachers, he couldn’t be fully transparent with his subjects about what, exactly, he was trying to study….implicit biases.

‘We all have them,’ Gilliam says. ‘Implicit biases are a natural process by which we take information, and we judge people on the basis of generalizations regarding that information. We all do it.’

Even the most well-meaning teacher can harbor deep-seated biases, whether she knows it or not.”

Source: “Bias Isn’t Just a Police Problem, It’s a Preschool Problem,” by Cory Turner, npr.org September 28, 2016

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Francis Wardle · December 30, 2019
Denver, Colorado, United States

One aspect of this research that is often not reported is this: "Black teachers, on the other hand, did the opposite, holding black students to a higher standard and rating their behavior as consistently more severe than that of white students". Thus its not only white teachers whose expectations - bias - can negativity impact Black boys. And, we really do not need to be reminded that 97% of preschool teachers are women. This is one reason why it essential to get more men - both teachers and volunteers - in our programs, but not just Black men.

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