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Celebrate International Mud Day on June 29
June 16, 2022
I think poems return us to that place of mud and dirt and earth, sun and rain.
-Kevin Young, American PoetKevin Young, American Poet

International Mud Day is June 29, a day to join in mud play on a global scale. In 2009, World Forum Foundation colleagues Bishnu Bhatta, Nepal, and Gillian MacAuliffe, Australia, launched International Mud Day to celebrate a growing connection between their two programs and to counter their diverse barriers to muddy good fun. Now other programs worldwide have taken up the cause and gladly share their ideas and experiences. You can, too, using the social media hashtag, #wfmudday.

In the Out of the Box Training “A Muddy First: Play for Joy and Learning, article authors Michael Follett, Kristian Hancock, and Diana Suskind share the feedback they received after a Mud Day celebration including mud kitchens, mud slides, mud catapults, a mud pit and more:

What did you enjoy?
“Having no restrictions and laughing out loud.”
“Watching all the children look free and full of life.”
“Lucy enjoyed getting her hands muddy making a Mud Lasagna.”

How could it have been improved?

“Make the mud pit bigger and add sponges.”
“From what I saw, nothing; children learn so much through play.”

Learn more about introducing the joys of mud and other natural materials to infants and toddlers in The Honeycomb Hypothesis, now available for pre-order, or in the Nature Explore Live Online workshop “Supporting Infants and Toddlers: Infusing nature into daily environments and routines for our youngest children” on June 21.

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