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There’s an App for (Almost) Everything

by Chip Donohue
September/October 2010
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Welcome back! I’ve been busy playing with lots of new tech tools so that I can suggest a few for you to try out. In Part 1 (What’s in Your Toolbox?, Exchange, May/June 2010) I shared my concerns about the utilization and participation gaps that get in the way of early childhood professionals using new tech tools effectively and efficiently in their personal and professional lives. I described the barriers of access, affordability, equity, tech skills, and adult literacy. And I shared my concerns about the difference between personal and professional use and how important it is for early childhood professionals to gain technology skills and confidence in their ability to use technology tools and applications (apps).

In Part 2, I want to share some of the tech tools and free apps that I use everyday and that you can easily access and use to move from ECE 1.0 to a faster, more up-to-date " and much more fun " 2.0 version of your technology-using self. Here are a few definitions of keywords and concepts to get you started:

Web 2.0: Describes the second generation of Internet technology and applications that is focused on dynamic Web pages for open communication, Web-based communities, collaboration, ...

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