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Can Design be Sustainable? No, Design Must be Sustainable

by Aldo Fortunati
July/August 2016
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The idea that space contributes to the quality of the experiences that children and adults develop in educational settings is not adequately expressed as yet in the theory and practice of early childhood pedagogy. 

While the link between space and educational experience is deeply rooted in some of the most important pedagogical thinking through the years — marking certain key moments during the last century — common practice shows that the significance of this relationship has yet to become widely accepted.


Prerequisites and General Guidelines

When we think of the sociality of children in their first years of life, in the ways that this can favour and sustain processes of experience and knowledge acquisition, together with the ways in which the situations that host these processes can offer support, we are entering a complex area, which is partly conditioned by the way in which settings generate sociality.

In this framework, a traditional classroom — the symbol of an institution that is resistant to change — represents the asymmetry of the actors involved and the absence of any horizontal social dimension that might involve potential for relationships, exchanges, and shared constructive relationships. 

On the contrary, we must accept that the unit of space, which is a primary ...

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